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Rebecca Brand, the number one hired influencer on Youtube in the world for 2017, 2018 and 2019, will create a sales video along with an Amazon video. This package must be ordered at the same time since the price is at a discount -- the filming will be done together.
Rebecca Brand with the Youtube sales package will create a video to show to her audience your product in a natural way. Rebecca creates many very successful Youtube videos that sell products. A link to buy your product is put into the description box right below the video on Youtube so viewers can easily buy your product immediately upon viewing the video.
Rebecca will work with you to decide the best style of video that will show off your product in a natural way to sell to her American audience. Types of videos include HOW TO style, like how to make a cooking recipe how to clean, how to repair, how to assemble, do it yourself tutorials typically with household, outdoor, gardening, or automotive products. Another style of video is a REVIEW VIDEO. This video shows all the features and benefits of your product, a demonstration and a setting that's natural for your product, like a home, outdoors, office, or garden. Other video styles on Rebecca's youtube channel may be beauty, fashion, fitness, health, travel, diet, apps and all others, and each will have a special style to fit the product. For instance, a fitness video may be Rebecca working out using the product. Fashion may be Rebecca wearing the clothes out in beautiful scenic locations, and showing the unboxing. Many products that are shown on Rebecca's channel may also include unboxings if that is what you want as well.

Sample Videos

Product Intergration Video

Rebecca's Comedic Relief

As well Rebecca Brand can do a comedy style video to sell any product --- this video was for an outdoor evaporative cooler where a recipe was woven into the video -- it did very well to sell a product that was not at all related to the recipe.

To add a Rebecca Brand Youtube video, mention it in your inquiry, and Rebecca will price it at a discount if you order it at the same time as your Amazon or Website video.